Zombie Apocalypse

By 03/10/2014 Friday Songs

According to certain untrustworthy news sources, the Zombie Apocalypse is upon us.

See: “Ebola Zombies Apocalypse More Real as Third Ebola Virus Victim Reportedly Resurrects From The Dead” – via
http://goo.gl/7oWQq2 or “Kansas Will Be Prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse” – viahttp://goo.gl/Jnvw6D

So, since making light of serious matters takes brains, we decided to make the theme for#FridaySongs a heart-stopper: #ZombieApocalypse.

Give us your favorite songs to run screaming to, tracks that terrify you, music that goes well with a nice Chianti, or just something contagious. Post the YouTube link in the comments, and we’ll play them at full-blast. Winners are chosen through a vote, and can come hang out and drink beers on The Balcony while the city crumbles to dust.