What Online Marketing Means at The Greenhouse Advertising Agency

It’s quite popular these days to write articles about online marketing trends, and tips on how to improve your business with the wonders of online marketing. It’s profitable to appear as an expert in this field. To stand out among the online noise many people believe it’s effective to just shout louder. Unfortunately most of the advice, expertise and trend analysis you encounter online, about online, is just that, noise. The noise is caused by people who believe producing content is more important than producing something meaningful.

So they produce lots and lots of content, good, bad, useless it doesn’t matter to those who are happy to stand on the lunatic fringe and shout, they truly believe the more they shout the better they’ll do.

We don’t agree with them, however, which is why this is not a “Digital self-help build your brand online in five easy steps please share my article,” fluff piece. Online marketing is not about making noise, it’s about standing out. Content is important, but as with all forms of marketing, quality overcomes quantity every time.

Content is a buzzword that some young digital strategist has no doubt thrown in your face in a bid to convince you that he/she is the person you should be paying to “manage your brand online.” If they wore really skinny jeans and a straw hat, they may well have even said, “content is king.” What they won’t tell you though, is that producing quality content requires the same time, skill and creativity as creating a brilliant piece of award winning advertising.

Online marketing is not about making noise, it’s about standing out.

That’s the problem with online marketing as it stands. There is an overabundance of content providers, producers and strategists and not nearly enough creative thinkers, marketing strategists and skilled executions. It is caused largely by the fact that digital marketing has always been considered separate from traditional marketing.

The fact that it has it’s own title, ‘digital’ marketing, is a gross misrepresentation of what it is. It’s still just marketing. You don’t choose separate agencies for your print, radio and outdoor advertising needs, do you? So why go to a separate agency for your digital marketing? It makes sense to go to the experts in highly creative, strategic thinking.

Creating meaningful content with a clear message, online, in a way that ensures your brand is memorable, is not something that happens over a lunch brainstorm. Although it can, when you’re as experienced as we are at strategic, creative thinking. When it comes to digital marketing it’s more important to be an expert in marketing than in digital, otherwise you’ll just end up as another noise maker in an already crowded shouting match.

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