Vacant, vacuous, vague…

By 12/12/2014 Friday Songs

Yesterday was a great evening, with ice cold draught beer, Pimm’s No. 1s, dutch pride boerie, and slow cooked pork rolls on The Balcony for our end-of-year-christmas-staff-client-housewarming-shindig. We had such an awesome time, that we all came into work a little fuzzy, flustered and fuddled. So, this week’s flam-jangled #FridaySongs theme is ‘Vacant, Vacuous, Vague…’

Find songs you don’t know the words to, tracks that have no lyrics, music that goes well with a hangover or just…well…something…really. Find it on YouTube, post it in the comments below, and if you’re voted the winner, you’ll get to join us on our next big evening on The Balcony.