Top Design Trends for 2015

Top 12 Design Trends of 2015

Return of the Handcraft

With the globalisation of fonts and design styles, brands are looking for something that will make them stand out; something unique and personal. Using hand-created designs and then digitising them, gives the brand a friendly homemade appearance that separates them from the masses.

Hand Lettering

Hand lettering gives design a personal touch, taking a different approach to the use of type in design. It moves away from both digital and traditional skills that are generally used for typography, and concentrates on actually drawing the letters, making them more illustration than graphic design.



Watercolouring gives designs a soft and organic feel. The random nature of water-based paint, and the soft edging lends itself to a more unique and original final design.


Artificial textures

Not everyone has the luxury of time, so some will have to resort to computer generated textures to give their designs a softer and vintage look.


Geometric Design

With the world focusing on architecture and the future of design, it’s hardly surprising that geometric design has had a big boom over the past few years, and continues to grow. With a cluttered fight for viewership, there is a focus on simplicity again, as well as bold shapes and colours that grab the viewer’s eye.

Constructed/Geometric forms

Designers are turning their logos and designs into forms and constructions. There is a predominant use of thin lines that make this style stand out.


Low Poly design elements

Similar to the geometric construction style, ‘low poly’ design tends to be made up of different sized triangles. The term “low poly” refers to the polygon mesh used in 3D computer graphics, specifically ones that have a small number of polygons.


Floating Frames

Logos and magazine spreads are all getting frames. Often the image breaks out of the frame. Online, text with a frame can be interpreted as a button.


Typography Turning into Symbols

Prince started it, and designers of 2015 are going to carry on using symbols to illustrate their meaning. Who needs readability when you have such beautiful aesthetics?



Thin Typography and Line Work.

Elegance and minimalism is still relevant in the fine line work of designers, and will continue into 2015.



Incomplete Text

Incomplete text gives the design a minimalistic and elegant look. 2015 will surely have more of this in store for us.


Cute logos

The line between ‘illustration’ and ‘logo’ gets blurred with some  of the logos to come in 2015. Designers and agencies are creating ‘cute’ logos that are far less corporate than their competitors. This makes the company look young, friendly and approachable. With an increase in small start-ups, expect to see more of this trend in 2015.


Bold Colours and Finishes in Corporate Stationary

To try and stand out from the crowd, companies are choosing one strong colour/Pantone and black as their corporate colours. This gives a bold and memorable finish. Expect to see more of this in 2015.


Symbols below individual letters

Using symbols or accent look-a-likes are going to be as popular in 2015 as they were in 2014. The logo or design will often be paired with strong geometric shapes.


Those are our predictions for design in 2015, what others can you think of? Comment your favorites, or additions to this list in the comments section below.

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