The Ruth is on fire

By 28/11/2014 Friday Songs

Sometimes, just sometimes, we take requests for our #FridaySongs theme, and this week, we’ve dedicated it to Ruth(less), our ex-production-slash-traffic-slash-other manager who asked us to make it all about her this week. Hence: The Ruth, The Ruth, The Ruth is On Fire.

So, as with every week, you need to go to YouTube and find a track with great production value, something that sets the roof on fire, music that makes you feel ruthless, or just something you listen to in the traffic department. Once you find a track, post it in the comments section, and we’ll play them all at full blast off The Balcony (we don’t need no water).

Winners will be selected by Ruth this week, and win something she’s testing out in her kitchen, or an A0 collage of Ruth’s most embarrassing Facebook moments (let the mother——- burn).