The more they restrict, the more we create.

In the sixties the average length of a TV advert was 60 seconds. By the nineties they were down to 30 seconds. Today YouTube has 6 second bumper ads.

Why? Shorter attention spans. More specifically, Snapchat – the app that changed the way millennials view and process information.

An IAB study compared 10 second and 30 second mobile ad lengths to determine if there was a difference in ad receptivity and brand effectiveness. The shorter-form ads were found to have greater appeal and persuasion potential with the sought-after millennial audience… Short five-to-ten second ads fit with millennial expectations. They correspond to the time a message can be viewed on Snapchat before it disappears. *

Does this mean that brand strategies will lead us towards the land of BUY THIS NOW FOR CHEAP? No. It’s not a restriction. It frees us to be more creative by cutting out the fluff and making every word, every shot and every second count. It’s minimalist creativity.

At The Greenhouse Advertising Agency we view the 6 seconder as the new haiku.