The big idea. The most crucial part of the advertising process.

Without it, there is no relevance to your advertising activity. Without it, a client is directionless when it comes to identifying relevant media touchpoints. Without the Big Idea, creative talents wonder around aimlessly trying to put concepts to paper. Without the Big Idea, Clients have no reference to accept or dismiss creative thinking. Without the big idea, a client’s brand is personality-less, flavor-less and direction-less.

How one comes up with the big idea.

  1. Through a really tight strategy session. If your agency hasn’t offered this pertinent part of the process, get them to organize it as an immediate, essential first step. This insightful couple of hours helps everyone in the room align themselves with the brand’s identity and presence in the market. The session unpacks and pin-points the target audience most likely to be attracted to the brand, it identifies relevant media touchpoints relating to the brands characteristics and most importantly, the session reveals the keywords and phrases experienced and qualified creatives need to formulate clever advertising narratives.
  2. From this informative ‘pow-wow’ session, a good brand proposition is developed. EG: Imagine Nando’s hadn’t been developed yet and no one knew about them? The strat session would unpack important keywords like flame-grilled, not fried, fast food, peri-peri, flipping’ hot, Portuguese… we also know that the client wants to be disruptive in the market place, they want engagement to launch their brand and at all costs, be noticed! With these findings, we gather enough data to construct a line like ‘ Fire it up.’ It represents being controversial, it has connotations of being hot and flames come to mind. Excellent, the creatives can construct smart ads and experiential activity around this platform. The trick is to the use clever thinking to associate the concepts on the different media platforms like online banners or any website where controversial events are happening. Politics is an easy target ;), social media (people are always posting food pics so have some fun), experiential ideas for Africa burn as an out the box suggestion? (if it were commercialized) etc…
  3. Once the line is developed and aligned with the brand, the creative magic starts to warm up and the only thing we need to review now is just how good, creative, special, engaging the concept is.
  4. This strategic, creative direction governs all the brand conversations across all media touchpoints, making the product behave to its own rules in its own category. It has one, aligned conversation creating efficiency in many areas, like: briefing the agency, reviewing creative concepts, internal creative messaging etc.
  5. Alignment plus efficiency equals brand profitability. Not necessarily money, but brand equity. Value in ownership and market penetration.

So next time your brand is in need of an overhaul or revamp, check this important stage and ask yourself if you can really skip this process to gain recognition and market share? You’ll make a few dents here and there with money spent but without the BIG IDEA, you’ll never make an impact.