So, it’s been a particularly sad week, with a few legends passing on to the big gig in the sky. We’ve lost David Bowie, Lemmy Kilmister Motörhead, Alan Rickman, and now Celine Dion‘s husband. All in the past week.

So to commemorate and celebrate the silver-screen genius, the super star talent, the timeless trendsetting and the awe-inspiring stage-presence, we’ve dedicated this #FridaySongs to the Starman.

We’re looking for audio or visuals of those that passed away in the last week. We want you to find the tracks that touched and changed your life. We want you to dig deep and post the best starriest, spaciest, glam rock you can find. Post the link in the comments section, and we’ll play them all at full volume.

We’ll vote for a winner, and they’ll get to join us for a beer and a minute of silence on The Balcony next week.