Many of us have been struggling with S L O W internet in the past week, and it’s been almost countrywide. So, to show solidarity with Afrihost, and it’s new #afrigreen network (which shouldn’t be S L O W), we’ve decided to do a #FridaySongs theme in the same vein: #slow.

So, restart your 56k modems, dial up to the interwebs, and find some slow tracks to pick up your Friday! Find us tracks to slow dance to, select something that takes for ever to finish, find a music video to drain your non-existent bandwidth, or just find something that makes you slow down.

Find the track on YouTube, wait for it to load, and put a link to it in the comments section of this post. We’ll (hopefully) pump them at full blast over the cityscape, and pick a winner. Winners this week can have some free bandwidth, and a conversation with a support technician from Telkom.