Rae of Sunshine

By 03/03/2017 Friday Songs

IT’S RAE-DAY at The Greenhouse Advertising Agency and in light of yet another sunny side up week and all things that inspire fun in the sun before the Rea-ns hopefully come, we welcome our very own Rae-sin, our beautiful Rae-nbow, our newest Rae-cruit – @Raelakey (With and E not a Y).

This week’s #FridaySongs theme is #RaeofSunshine.

So blast a beat that makes you beam, gets your heels hot, your throat throbbing or your moobs mooooooving post your link (from YouTube) in the comments below and Trivesh Wowser Vassen will lull you to sleep with another dog meme in the comfort of the hessian chair (with a cold one in hand).

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jOrA4usDKSE&list=PLUjqeQ6wGvfvUO5j0q1mGHCeganUUZY_4]
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