The Brief

The Greenhouse was tasked with increasing SAB Draught sales across the country, strengthening relationships between SAB and its customers, and ensuring consumers enjoyed a consistent and perfect experience every time they ordered an SAB Draught.

The Ritual

This fully integrated campaign started with the development of a ritual. A five step process that ensured SAB Draught was poured, served and enjoyed at the highest possible standards. The Ritual consisted of: The First Impression, The Art of the Pour, The Art of the Carry, The Art of the Serve, The Moment of Truth.

The SAB Draught Academy

We developed the SAB Draught Academy to ensure that barmen and bar owners understood the SAB Draught Ritual and knew how deliver a high quality SAB Draught. The Greenhouse developed all the educational material and academy collateral.


The SAB Draught Quality League

To keep barmen on their toes, and emphasize the academy education, we created the SAB Draught Quality League. Using a full through-the-line campaign utilising a website and multiple digital platforms, including social media, smartphones and USSD, we communicated with SAB customers. We educated and rewarded thousands of bar staff across the country.


The National Pour-off

At the end of The League the top 20 barmen and bars from around the country were invited to compete in a pour-off to find the top SAB Draught Barmen.