The SAB Draught Quality League was created to ensure that consumers were served SAB Draught Beer perfectly and consistently, every time. The league is a competition, between outlets serving SAB Draught Beer, that judges outlets on the quality of their SAB Draught Beer service and maintenance. At the end of the league the top 15 performing outlets gather for a final pour-off. This trophy is given to the winner of The 2014 SAB Draught Quality League. It’s a 3D visual representation of the 2014 SAB Draught Quality League logo. The gyroscope is inspired by the shape of the logo. The beer in the centre is set at 45 degrees – the exact angle at which an SAB Draught is meant to be poured.

The gyroscope holds the beer at a perfect 45˚ creating an exciting visual piece for the bar, while celebrating the perfect SAB Draught pour.

The trophy was awarded, along with a cash prize, to the winning bar for them to display as a symbol of SAB Draught perfection.