The Greenhouse was tasked with adapting Rayban’s global campaign “Never Hide” for the local South African market. This activation targeted the youthful party scene with a series of print ads. 

Through clever and creative integrated marketing, we marketed this international brand to the newly professional youth. This example of experiential advertising was a feeder for Ray-Ban’s social media marketing platform.  

Coupled together, these two forms helped to generate tremendous brand awareness.  Party-goers were excited to take part in this interactive campaign on their night out.

We at The Greenhouse had a great deal of fun creating this creative design for Ray-Ban.  

 A selected party-goer chooses a pair of Ray-Bans to wear in the experiential activation.


 The “Never Hide” campaign captures this participant looking pleased with herself.


 The Ray-Ban demarcated path to our integrated activation.


 A cheeky pair get snapped in their preferred Ray-Bans.