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What Was Needed

Lipco Legal Insurance, now known as LAW FOR ALL, approached The Greenhouse Advertising Agency Cape Town to develop a full rebrand, new brand launch, and brand communication campaign. With a new name they needed a brand strategy to differentiate them in the market, a logo with full corporate identity, an internal roll-out, and an advertising campaign.


Slide to see old to new.

What We Did

The Greenhouse Advertising Agency Cape Town developed a strategy that captured the brand’s values and set them apart from the competition, and developed a channel plan that ensured they would be heard. Then we set about building a brand from scratch, starting with the logo.

The New Logo

We conceptualised and designed a logo that captured the brand strategy and the company’s practice.

The Website

The website is an important touchpoint for LAW FOR ALL and generates a significant portion of their business. Therefore, it was important that it was redesigned to match the new branding, but even more important that we launched it correctly so as not to confuse new and existing customers. We achieved this by using well-timed and carefully targeted social media advertising.

LFA Preview

We conceptualised and developed this TVC showing LAW FOR ALL’s empathy rather than their willingness to fight. This separates them from the competitors in the category and makes the ad memorable. We developed a character that personified the feeling one gets when faced with legal issues, and then juxtaposed this scary character with a light hearted voiceover rhyme.

Digital and Print ads
To accompany the TVC we created a fully integrated print and online campaign to further the LAW FOR ALL messaging.

A New Brand Look and Feel

A new brand is so much more than a new logo. Every element of the brand needs to be reconsidered and redeveloped to represent the new brand. From colour usage, to typefaces, to tone of voice, and stationery, everything needed to be redesigned.


Corporate Identity Guide

It’s one thing to design a logo, it’s quite another to ensure the logo maintains its integrity. To be certain the LAW FOR ALL branding was never misused and to make sure it could be easily adapted for all future use we created a comprehensive CI Guide.


Pages for maintaining brand consistency.

Brand Guidelines

New Signage

Our designers went on a road trip, photographing every LAW FOR ALL office in the country. Upon their return they set about designing new branding and signage to suit each individual office.


KM’s Travelled


Provinces Visited


Offices Rebranded

Office Branding


Taking this new corporate identity and implementing it on all the branded material ensures brand consistency and longevity. Every form, brochure, business card, and letterhead was redesigned to fit with the new LAW FOR ALL corporate identity.

Company Profile
Application Form
Promotional Material

Adapting the Logo

There are several organisation under the LAW FOR ALL umbrella and the logo for each needed to be redesigned to align with the new branding.

Lipco Family

In total, 236 individual items were created


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