Mummies, mammaries and fireworks.

By 07/11/2014 Friday Songs

Following in our crazy, creepy and cracked #FridaySongs themes, this week celebrates a host of different events. Our beloved Bianca is going to visit her mommy, boob-twerking (or bwerking) is becoming “a thing”, it was Guy Fawkes on Wednesday, and there are still some mummies wandering around town after last week’s Zombie Walk. So, “Mummies, Mammaries and Fireworks” is this week’s theme.

We want you to find a song that celebrates being a mom. Or a video that shows some cleavage. Or a track that sets the night on fire. Find the video on YouTube, and post it in the comments.

The winner this week will post a video with an Egyptian mummy breastfeeding an effigy while holding a sparkler. Nothing else will be accepted. The prize is some dud, dangerous, and destructive fireworks from our local China Town.