It’s a frisky Friday, brisk and cold, but exciting and inspiring. Most of the active Advertising and Marketing experts are huddled together in Durban, viewing creativity and waxing lyrical on the highs and lows of our weird and wonderful industry.

So, to celebrate the awesomeness that is the The Loeries Creativity Awards 2015, we’re having a #FridaySongs theme to suit the vibe: Judge Mental.

Find songs that are a bit judgy, a music video that makes you go mental, award-winning audio or something just plain weird. In fact, this week we’re going so far as to suggest you post adverts, or radio clips that you want judged by our panel of judginess.

Post your YouTube links in the comments section, we’ll play them all, and judge them all. Once we’ve selected the winner, we’ll be giving out a golden high-horse at a glitz-filled event on The Balcony.