Have an Influence – what influencer marketing can do for your brand

In a world cluttered with brand communications, the consumer has become an integral part of effective marketing strategies. Since advertisings hay days, brands have relied on celebrity endorsements to market products and influence purchasing behaviour but with the advent of social media, consumer to consumer social influencing has become an important method for brands to cut through clutter and drive revenue.

Celebrity status is no longer reserved for Hollywood icons but has been adopted by the ‘popular kids’ on social media. From video game vlogging to DIY blogging, anyone with an opinion and internet access can become a ‘celebrity’ in their own right. These ‘celebrities’ are what the industry calls influencers. An influencer is any person with a large following on one or more major social platforms. A social media influencer has a major effect on other consumers’ purchasing behaviours and can be leveraged by brands to sell products or promote awareness more efficiently.

Here are just a few ways influencer marketing benefits your brand:

Credibility and Trust

Influencers are followed because they are trusted. Whether word is coming from Twitter thought leaders or Instagram influencers, their opinions and recommendations are often better received than the brands themselves. Followers are more likely to act on purchases if their role models are supporting the brands.

Less Forceful

With the rise in popularity of sponsored posts and remarketing, advertising has become increasingly intrusive. In the case of influencer marketing, followers have willingly chosen to receive content from the publisher. At any point they can choose to opt out with the simple tap of a button. This means that marketing communications appear more organically and are not forced on the consumer. Because they come directly from the publisher, posts promoting brands are not shafted by ad blockers.


Content is more authentic when it comes from a digital influencer. With a detailed brief, a social media influencer is given room to articulate brand messages in his/her own voice rather than a predetermined brand or campaign narrative. This authenticity creates value through reliable and real opinions and recommendations that resonate with the consumer.

Whether you are wanting to reach new audiences or capitalise on existing ones, influencer marketing offers a more efficient and personal approach to brand communications that will cut through clutter and drive revenue.