Hit the Ground Running!

By 08/01/2016 Friday Songs

…aaaaaaaand we’re open again, we’ve hit the ground running, and we’re pumped for the coming year. It’s been a short but sweet break, and we’re energised and ready for the first #FridaySongs of 2016 – Hit the Ground Running.

We’re looking for songs that make you hit the dancefloor, do the running man, or keep you grounded. We want music videos that make you feel ready for a fresh start, get you going, or psych you up. Find a track that is a hit, has had a long run, or is brand new for 2016. Post the YouTube link in the comments below, and we’ll play them all at full volume.

Winners will be selected for their freshness, and will get a penguin handling course from our very own The Tim (or beers on The Balcony, everyone wants beers on The Balcony).