“No one is actually dead until the ripples they cause in the world die away.”

It’s a sad time for writers and creatives, with the loss of a great man, Sir Terry Pratchett. In over 70 books, he created a world filled with wonder and magic, and showed us how silly we, as humans, actually were. At the same time, it’s #FridayThe13th and we’re all hoping for some #GoodOmens, thus we’ve decided to dedicate this #FridaySongs to the colour of magic and the light fantastic, creating universes, imagination, and luck.

So, go search YouTube for some songs about turtles and elephants, maybe some praiseworthy gospel, anything by GOODLUCK, something really well written, or anything that tickles your imagination. Post it in the comments section, and we’ll play it at full volume from The Balcony.

Winners will be selected by a vote, and can join us for memorial beers this evening.

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