Ponies & Paintings – the Renaissance for the digital agency has arrived

The carousel, that old fairground favourite, goes around and around, following the same path and doing the exact same thing. A blank canvas on the other hand, holds infinite possibilities, limited only by vision and creativity.

And that, in a nutshell, is the difference between Facebook mobile’s once innovative carousel advert format and their newest and shiniest ad offering – Facebook Canvas.

Every digital agency must feel as if the shackles have been removed and rejoicing in the fact that mobile Facebook advertising can now play a major role in their integrated campaigns. Where we once had a slider that would rotate between a few images before providing a link to the brand’s website, we can now use a combination of static images, moving text, music and video.

We can now construct creative campaigns using Facebook mobile to tell fully immersive and interactive stories that captivate mobile audiences like never before. Users can now be drawn into a visually stunning brand experience where they have the freedom to zoom in on images, swipe through image carousels, watch video clips and even tilt their mobile device to view panoramic images.

But while all of these amazing features set allow for greater creativity, Facebook Canvas also solves several strategic issues and should help to increase sales for the brand. And after all, that is the oft forgotten purpose of advertising.

Increased conversions. In the past, Facebook ads would open a new browser when they were clicked on. This took time and many consumers opted out and continued to scroll down their newsfeed in their search for cash me ousside meme. But with Facebook Canvas, the new browser window is triggered the instant the ad is clicked on. This allows brands to connect with audiences faster and more effectively than ever before, leading to increased interactions and conversions.

It grabs and holds the attention of users. Early testing has shown 53% of test subjects viewed at least half the ads, which can run up to over a minute. And today’s oversaturated and exposed world, holding the attention of this many consumers for so long is nothing short of astounding.

E-commerce fluidity. Facebook Canvas allows you to add product catalogues, menus or even a call to action  that sends users to a directly to a checkout/purchase page, making the e-commerce process as seamless as possible.

When you combine the storytelling potential together with it marketing benefits, it’s clear that Facebook Canvas heralds a true Renaissance for mobile advertising.

The creative team at The Greenhouse Advertising Agency has fallen head-over-heels with Facebook Canvas and already have a few ideas in mind that could change the way we view mobile marketing in South Africa. All we can say is – mobile marketing will soon have its Mona Lisa!

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