Facebook Advertising and Social Media Marketing Services

Social and Digital Strategy

Careful planning and strategy is essential for social media communications. We can assist with selection of the correct platforms, defining business objectives, and establishing a brand personality.
We will also assist with creation of a content plan, as well as a communication strategy that suits your customers and builds your brand.

Profile Creation and Crafting

From creation and selection of a profile picture to carefully crafted ‘bio’ and ‘about’ copy, our team will be able to craft your channels so that they appear professional and established.

Content Curation

We will assist with sourcing and crafting industry-related content that will suit your brand. In order to maintain an industry-leading image, we will continuously research and acquire fresh and relevant content to communicate with your fans.
Curation also plays a big role in relationship management and crisis control.

Content Creation, Management and Distribution

Having established the business objectives, and therefore the communication objectives, we can assist with creation of vibrant content for your channels. From blog posts to Facebook posts to YouTube videos to audiobooks and podcasts, we can provide refined copy, visuals and audio.

Crisis Control

Should something catastrophic happen during our term of employ (i.e. factory fires, product recalls, boycotts and protests, criminal acts, etc.), we will manage your communication portals throughout, providing information and assistance to loyal customers. It’s essential that, even during an emergency, your consumers come first and your brand is still available for comment.

Customer Relationship Management

Social media is fast-becoming the best platform one can use to communicate with one’s consumers. One can respond to queries, suggestions and complaints in real-time, providing additional after-sales services and post purchase information.
Our curation efforts will reveal negative reviews, articles, complaints and comments. We would respond to all comments, queries and reviews positively and politely, maintaining the brand’s position and voice.


Using third-party tools and services, as well as proprietary methods, we will continually monitor the web for any new information about your brand. Whether you appear positively in the news, or bear the brunt of a negative Twitterstorm, we will know first, and alert you.

Organic Community Building

As your company, we will communicate with your fans and followers, growing your community organically, and driving real interactions. This will grow your company’s reputation, and therefore word-of-mouth, resulting in noticeable ROI with no media spend.

Paid Social Advertising (PPC)

We can conceptualise and execute any promoted social media content. From a Facebook advertising campaign to a Twitter promoted post, or a YouTube pre-roll, we have the in-house knowledge and expertise to leverage each platform to it’s fullest, resulting in better reach for your adspend.