It’s all rapidly coming to a close. The fat lady has sung, and we’re in the final stretch before the well-deserved break we’re all looking forward to. So, without further ado, here is the final #FridaySongscompetition for 2015: Drop the Mic.

Its been a rad year for us, and we feel we’ve won at everything, so we’re looking for AWESOME this week. Get us songs to play on New Year’s Eve, find tracks for the last dance, post hectic freestyle hip-hop to get us pumped for a holiday, or just find a music video that ends you. We’re going to play them all the way through the festive season, and we’ll pick a winner next year.

Winners this year will be invited to rap battle our in-house MC, and will get an awesome The Greenhouse Advertising Agency Frisbee. Peace out!

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