By 12/06/2015 Friday Songs

Flip it, but it’s hard to work in advertising with all these emotional girls crying all the time, and falling in love with all the boys. So, this #FridaySongs, we’re going to promote a Nobel cause: #DistractinglySexy.

This week, a Nobel Prize winner suggested that women and men be separated in science labs and research centres because they are too emotional and sexy to work with men. See how the world responded by following the #DistractinglySexy hashtag on Twitterhere: https://twitter.com/search?q=DistractinglySexy

So, we’re looking for songs that would make a physics lab pump, music videos featuring guys and girls working together, a track you think would make Marie Curie cry, something surprisingly sexist, or some sciencey beats for our girls to shake their lab-coats to. Find the track on YouTube and post it in the comments.

The most inappropriate track this week will get to win a completely non-distracting date with all the guys in the advertising industry. The girls can finally vote.