3 Steps to Build More Meaningful Conversations

Content marketing is your ticket into the competitive digital playground. But creating content is just the first step. The social media landscape is littered with content. Fighting among paid social ads and memes is no easy task. Brands need to lead relevant and meaningful conversations with their consumers if they are going to win their attention. Content is not king, the conversation is. Content marketing has no value until consumers engage with it. Brands need to create engaging content and play a part in the consumer’s life. Here’s how you can start.

Break the ice.

Don’t go in digital guns blazing. Without a smart and well-structured content marketing plan, the conversation will take a nosedive. Your content marketing plan will dictate what content you push out and when you send it. It is your playbook, so make it count. Your content should not advertise. Consumers are bombarded with enough advertising daily. Your content should start conversations. Sharing that you started your morning off with some yoga is not likely to generate much of a response but sharing that you split your pants during a steamy yoga session will open a whole other can of worms. Content should whet consumers’ appetites and solicit interesting responses.

Participate purposefully.

To stand out, brands need to stand for something. Brands need to be authentic and driven by a meaningful purpose. Consumers are attracted to meaningful brands. Your elegantly crafted social media post may catch their attention but unless you are benefitting their lives in some way, they will continue scrolling. Content marketing is only as strong as the values that underpin the content. Don’t just talk to consumers about values, invite them to contribute to these values. Give them a sense of ownership of your brand and the relationship will flourish. Relentlessly spew out marketing jargon and one-way communications and they’re going to unfollow you. Give consumers a reason to participate.

Less is more.

You just have to punch in a few key terms in Google or swipe your thumb a few times on Facebook to see the endless stream of content flooding the internet. Pushing out more is not going to make for better content. Brands need to dedicate time and resources into understanding their consumers’ interests, desires, and purchasing behaviours. This can be a costly endeavour. An efficient and effective way to draw this insight is through inciting a dialogue. Encouraging consumers to take part in your brand narrative will allow you to draw valuable insights that will help you develop more interesting and engaging content. Go for quality, not quantity. Google favours quality above all else and pieces that receive more engagement are ranked higher. Keep the conversation alive and this will fuel future content. Make sure your content calls for connection.

Stop just making stuff and start speaking about the stuff that you make. Consumers want to hear your views and want you to listen to theirs. It takes two to tango so slip on your dancing shoes and take to the digital floor. Build meaningful relationships through consistent content that drives engaging conversations.