Blazers Switchboards & Light Bulbs

By 18/07/2014 Friday Songs

As we reach the end of the week, we also reach the end of a journey with our famous production manager, Frances Croker. Through her time with us, she faced many challenges, including sourcing super sexy ring girls, silky smooth boxing gowns, and gold-plated championship trophy belts. 

As she started at The Greenhouse Advertising Agency, she had to find a set of high quality blazers, in a range of different sizes, embroider them, and get them shipped to different parts of the country. This proved to be a real toughie, and earned her the nickname “Frankie Blazers”. We toyed with this nickname, and found new ones, as the challenges became harder and harder. She became “Frankie Switchboards” during a particularly grueling month-long battle with Telkom SA. She finishes today, as “Frankie Light Bulbs”, having completed another rather difficult job scouring the planet for customised light bulb filaments.

This is why we have chosen to dedicate this#FridaySongs theme to the Frankster, as she starts a new journey. We wish her well, and hope she always finds what she is looking for in life.

Post your favourite blazing tracks, the ones that set the dancefloor on fire. Find music that switches you on, stops your boredom, keeps the lights on all night, or just plain suits Frankie.

Frankie will select a winner this week, and stay pen-pals with them for the duration of her travels.

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