A full below-the-line activation.

We turned SAB draught beer into a brand through a three-year activation, based on research and a clear, predefined strategy. From understanding how consumers interact with the brand to delivering a consistently high-quality product across the country, we developed and controlled the entire process.

The SAB Draught Ritual

Wine has a ritual, coffee has a ritual, even tequila has a ritual. We developed a ritual for SAB draught beer. After in-depth research, we developed the SAB Draught Ritual, a concept that gave rise to a whole new era in draught beer serving.


The SAB Draught Academy

To ensure barmen across the country were recognising our strategy for SAB draught beer, and implementing it, we developed the SAB Draught Academy. It was implemented at Newlands and rolled out across the country.


SAB Draught Quality League

We created a league for SAB draught barmen across the country, this ensured the standards we implemented were kept high. High-quality SAB draught beer was the most important element in creating the SAB draught brand.


The National Pour-off

Creating reward was an essential part of ensuring consumers received the perfect product, and keeping outlets interested in being a part of the SAB Draught Quality League.