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@GreenhouseAds  A traditionally connected, integrated digital marketing agency. Experts in intelligent thinking. Visionaries in the transformation of advertising.  

Our Philosophy

We care as much about Values as Victory.
As much about Purpose as Profit.
And as much about being Useful as being Successful.

Our Mission

To start each day with: “Wouldn’t it be cool if…”
And end each day with: “Wow, that is cool.”

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Awards won locally and internationally


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The Greenhouse, led by Darren Mckay, provides unparalleled creative ingenuity in the work that they produce. On top of the creativity that they have provided to SAB, they have followed through and implemented these ideas on time and with a quality that they can be proud of.

Rob Weber, SAB

When Darren presented the online ads The Greenhouse had developed, my immediate reaction was “Do you kiss men?” The Greenhouse provided creative ingenuity with a level of professionalism I had never experienced from an ad agency before

Andrew Smith, SalePartners

The Greenhouse continually delivers exceptional creative work and a high level of professionalism, no matter how tight the deadline is. They’ve immersed themselves in our business and brands, using the knowledge they’ve gained to produce excellent advertising.

Dave Linder, The Bicycle Company

The Greenhouse product ladder

Not interested in the full bouquet of integrated services just yet?
Click on a product that suits you, your brand and your pocket.

1 on 1

This personal product is designed specifically to help, guide, inspire and educate. Whether you are a startup or a well-oiled machine, there is need for expert advice and guidance. Perhaps you just want to test the water and not sure about the advertising process? You may not even need an advertising agency, you just need the brain? Perhaps you already have a skilled team in place but just need experienced thinking to guide them? Or just one practical, workable BIG IDEA? Perhaps it’s purely about cutting costs and getting bite sized pieces of valuable information on an ongoing basis from a highly experienced advertising specialist? Whatever the reason, this one-on-one product will be super valuable for the development of your business or brand. It’s flexible and built directly around your needs.

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Next Level Workshop

This workshop is designed to get to the sweet spot of your business problem fast and accurately. The combination of experts (You + Strategist + Creative Director) in one room for two days collecting insightful observations and pushing out highly creative ideas, is the perfect formula to identify and execute exponential growth opportunities.

Take a look at the outline for this workshop!

We use every ounce of experience between us to stress test ideas, extract insights, scientifically dissect and creatively build the best workable solutions to make your business fly. We then make them ready to implement into the market against a practical plan. This Workshop can be done in one day, but we recommend two (to get the most out of it.)The value lies in: Inclusive participation, Identifying massive growth opportunities, bullet proof results, new energy in your business, immense experience, accelerated solutions, inspirational thinking, expert point of views.

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TopDogs is a new Greenhouse initiative, website coming soon…but it’s live as far as we’re concerned. As the name suggests, this platform is a hub for only highly experienced ad gurus. Well-aged, mature (not old dogs ;), passionate ad machines with well over 10 000 hours, that will apply every ounce of their skills to your brand for however long you need. These specialist pedigree’s will sniff out your brand or business problems like a Tuscan Truffle Hog. Without wasting valuable time they will dig, sniff and chase until your campaign idea is cracked. Use One at a time, two, or more it’s up to you, your budget and your needs. No waiting at the back of the queue in an ad agency, No interns or juniors trying their best to crack an idea to win awards, No OTT agency fees. Just a streamlined, Personal, Best in Class, cost effective experience. Well worth a sniff, don’t you think?

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The Greenhouse – The Big Idea facilitation factory

Now that you’re familiar with our products, take a look at the awesome work we’ve produced alongside some of the best clients in the business. We are a fully integrated agency and highly familiar with every step in the advertising process. There is no job too small (requesting a one colour, one sided A6 flyer might be pushing it ;) or too big. We have dealt with the captains of industry across a few heavy weight brands. We have helped entrepreneurs get their ideas off the ground. We get this business, and given the chance, we’ll get yours too. Let’s start the conversation!

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