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@GreenhouseAds  A traditionally connected, integrated digital marketing agency. Experts in intelligent thinking. Visionaries in the transformation of advertising.  

Our Philosophy

We care as much about Values as Victory.
As much about Purpose as Profit.
And as much about being Useful as being Successful.

Our Mission

To start each day with: “Wouldn’t it be cool if…”
And end each day with: “Wow, that is cool.”

Creative & digital strategies


Big idea concepts


360° campaigns


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Awards won locally and internationally


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The Greenhouse, led by Darren Mckay, provides unparalleled creative ingenuity in the work that they produce. On top of the creativity that they have provided to SAB, they have followed through and implemented these ideas on time and with a quality that they can be proud of.

Rob Weber, SAB

When Darren presented the online ads The Greenhouse had developed, my immediate reaction was “Do you kiss men?” The Greenhouse provided creative ingenuity with a level of professionalism I had never experienced from an ad agency before

Andrew Smith, SalePartners

The Greenhouse continually delivers exceptional creative work and a high level of professionalism, no matter how tight the deadline is. They’ve immersed themselves in our business and brands, using the knowledge they’ve gained to produce excellent advertising.

Dave Linder, The Bicycle Company

The Greenhouse is founded on five Ps, these are the pillars of our agency that ensure we’re constantly delivering exceptional creative work, professionally.


Darren McKay was the creative director at The Jupiter Drawing Room, Cape Town, before starting this brand development agency. During his career he has worked at numerous top agencies, both locally and internationally. He shelves a number of top local and international awards and is recognised locally as a leader in the field.


Beyond the fancy computers, extravagant parties, and endless stream of briefs, we’re just a group of people who love advertising and entertaining other people. Advertising is all about people, and we’re just people talking to other people about things we think they might like. Each person in our team adds a unique skill set to our offering. Having passionate, multi-skilled people lets us maintain a streamlined team that works to tight deadlines without compromising on quality. Our management is hands-on and, when you deal with The Greenhouse, you deal with people, not emails.


Nothing else in the world could get us out of bed in the morning. Innovative brand development is what we live for. The team members are hired for their passion and enthusiasm first, and their skill set second. Our team consists of the best multi-skilled creatives and well-experienced production facilitators to ensure excellent output.


We’re a streamlined agency that delivers a fast turnaround time, and personal attention to all our clients. A team of multi-skilled individuals means better value for our clients. A smaller team is needed on each project due to diversity of skills. Our rate card is competitive and we are not the cheapest in town. But the end result will always translate into value.


The Greenhouse is very specific about who we work with. We choose people, suppliers, and production facilitators who resonate with our energy. We want to do business with people who treat our agency with the same respect that we show to them and their brands. Advertising is a strong mix of like-minded energy, and it’s this energy that takes brands to new heights.

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