The agency has changed it’s structure it’s offering and it’s service. Our conceptual reputation grew to the degree of forming a complete business model around it. We found that our clients were preferring to use our BIG IDEA skills to cement their strategic brand narrative (initial creative translation), and using cheaper execution methods to implement. So we embraced this feedback and now offer just THE BIG IDEA solution. We will however guide the whole execution process, from start to finish, should you need it. All the creative projects on this site was overseen and quality controlled by the same owner, Darren McKay (now owner of BIFF! PTY LTD)


THE BIG IDEA FACILITATION FACTORY is a future-fit, brand development company which aligns itself to the growth and well being of our client’s business through experienced BIG IDEA thinking.


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Their tacit knowledge of the advertising space, coupled with years of experience makes BIFF true industry professionals. They help us solve our clients’ business challenges through creative solutions. We love how BIFF keeps their creative thinking simple, authentic and impactful, looking at all touch pouch points along the way. We don’t see them as a supplier but rather our partner.

Craig Naicker, Head of Client Service, CWdi.

When the pressure is on and the deadlines are tight, BIFF's holistic understanding of the advertising industry gives it the edge when it comes to relevant concept delivery. BIFF's vast experience combined with high end creativity moulds the perfect collaboration tool for generating the results our clients have come to expect.

Carissa Rapolthy - Urban Striker Activations

BIFF's effective combination of speed and experience has certainly payed dividends.

Daniel Kahn, Loxyion Conexyion Activations





An advertising agency we are not. Rather think of us as a project-based big idea plug-in for brands and agencies alike. Because with BIFF you get direct access to a collective of highly experienced creative thinkers who live in the cloud. OK, we’re actually based in Cape Town, Jo’burg and the UK. But you get the idea. And the idea is all that BIFF is about. Big ideas that come from smart insights and sound strategies. So if you want to sit at the big table with the adults and feast on big idea thinking, but without all the boardrooms and bureaucracy of a conventional bricks and mortar ad agency, then pull up a virtual chair. We’d love to tell you more about what we can do for your business.  


BIFF is a collective of senior, multi-awarded creative directors with over 100 years’ of experience between us. We’ve worked at some of the best agencies in South Africa and the UK and have extensive know-how when it comes to building brands both big and small. During our careers we’ve helped create highly effective campaigns and communications for Virgin Atlantic, Virgin Mobile, Investec Private Bank, Unilever, Nando’s, Nike, AB-InBev, Heineken, Cow & Gate, Hyundai, VW, Coca-Cola, Bacardi and Procter & Gamble, to name just a few. Our established track record and wide range of award-winning creative skills and expertise means we’re more than qualified to crack your next big idea.

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This personal interaction is designed specifically to help, guide, inspire and educate. Whether you are a startup or a well-oiled machine, there may well be a need for expert advice and guidance. Perhaps you just want to test the water because you are not sure about the advertising process? Perhaps you already have a skilled team in place but just need experienced thinking to guide them? Or just one practical, workable BIG IDEA? Perhaps it’s purely about cutting costs and getting bite sized pieces of valuable information on an ongoing basis from a highly experienced advertising specialist? Whatever the reason, this one-on-one session will be super valuable for the development of your business or brand.